Eligibility & Application for Private Activity Bonds


The EIERA may generally issue tax-exempt private activity bonds for:

  • Facilities for the furnishing of water
  • Sewage facilities
  • Solid waste disposal facilities
  • Environmental enhancements to hydroelectric generating facilities


Applications for private activity bond financing may be obtained by contacting the EIERA at the number below or accessed here.

  • Due to the complexity of the tax and securities requirements for this type of financing, potential applicants are strongly urged to retain the services of bond counsel prior to requesting an application.
  • An application fee of up to $2,500 is due when the application is filed with the EIERA. Additionally, the applicant will be required to pay at least a portion of the EIERA’s attorney’s fees and expenses related to the transaction.
  • An issuance fee is due at the time the bonds are issued. The application and issuance fee schedules may be found in the Missouri Code of State Regulations (10 CSR 130-1.020).