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Department seeking input on financing needs for Missouri energy infrastructure projects.

The Missouri Department of Natural Resource (MoDNR) released a request for information (RFI) today (Oct. 9) to obtain information on financing needs for Missouri energy infrastructure projects in underserved sectors. Information gathered from respondents will be considered in assessing financing mechanisms for Missouri energy infrastructure projects, as well as to identify potential in-state projects that could be financed in the near-term and over longer time frames. MoDNR worked closely with the Environmental Improvement and Energy Resources Authority (EIERA) on developing this RFI.

Entities should submit their responses to the RFI to energyfinancing@dnr.mo.gov by the close of business Nov. 19, 2020; the subject line of the email should be, “Response to MoDNR RFI on Financing Needs for Energy Infrastructure.” Respondents should contact energyfinancing@dnr.mo.gov with any questions about the RFI; the subject line of any inquiry email should be, “Inquiry Regarding Response to MoDNR RFI on Financing Needs for Energy infrastructure. “

Please feel free to forward the RFI to others that may have an interest in responding. Please copy energyfinancing@dnr.mo.gov when forwarding the information. In addition, please let MoDNR know (using energyfinancing@dnr.mo.gov) if you are aware of any stakeholders or distribution lists to which MoDNR could forward the RFI.


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