Missouri Market Development Program: Recycling Markets


Markets for recovered materials help recycling expand its role in a sustainable economy for Missouri, contributing to:

  • A quality environment
  • Conserving resources
  • Reducing reliance on Missouri’s landfills for solid waste disposal.

Recycling markets helps ensure that recyclables collected from residents and businesses are used by companies as raw materials in manufacturing products that are purchased and used by consumers.

Material Exchanges

Materials exchanges work to match businesses that produce waste, industrial by-products, surplus materials and equipment, with businesses that can use them.

Midwest Materials Exchange (MME) is a free online marketplace for Missouri and its border states, sponsored by the Missouri Environmental Improvement and Energy Resources Authority (EIERA) and managed by Bridging the Gap’s By-Product Synergy program.

The marketplace is not just for by-products! Consider posting your current recyclables or other commodities to gain maximum return through our online bidding process. Invite existing vendors and buyers to bid – a little competition may translate to more money in your pocket!